Our Leadership Compass

Written by Patricia Bell

Principal | Lighthouse Resource Group

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Our Leadership Compass

“Values are most important when times are turbulent.”
— Stephen Paskoff, CEO Eli Inc.com

2020 has truly dropped us off in an unknown place, leaving us to search for our personal compass.  We have demands coming from every direction as a parent, spouse, co-worker, leader and community contributor.  More than ever, one decision can have a domino effect on so many levels.  The pressure to make the right decision is so critical.  The consideration for our health and welfare is certainly top of mind.  The mental fatigue of Covid19 coupled with our desire to return to normalcy sometimes seem at odds.  Yet, every day, we are still in the driver’s seat and choosing to move forward.  How do we meet these expectations successfully?

Find Our Compass

There is a strange phenomenon that occurs when we return to a place of recognition.  Familiarity restores our faith in our purpose and reason for venturing out each day.  A warm sensation like remembering when we spoke to a respected friend who confirmed we were making the best calculated decision we could do.

Our compass represents our ability to go back to the fundamentals we hold so dear.  It reminds us that our personal and professional values will guide us into these unchartered waters.  No matter how daunting seas of the unknown, we stare with confidence into an instrument that leads in the best direction, regardless of what we see.  Time proven principles are the foundation for sound decisions.  Some refer to our internal compass as our “True North”.  Whatever your choice of familiarity may be, it is time to get grounded in what we know to be the right foundation.

How Do We Reconnect with Our Compass?

(1)  It always begins with a quiet reflection of self. 

Am I displaying the behavior in my words and actions that are aligned with my values?  Do you fill your mind with constructive yet positive enlightenment?  How are you feeding your mind and thoughts?

(2) As a trusted leader, are you able to provide encouragement or despair?

We can choose to point towards solutions with lasting value or be cynical with a “survivor of the fittest” mentality.

(3) Are you a champion of resilience?

Much like a football coach rallying the team with a score that puts them one touchdown behind, our team depends on us to call those critical plays.  Are you still being intentional with your conversations to call out the “Can Do” possibilities?

Troubled times are when we see the best and worst of everyone.  As leaders, we are tasked with rising above the “good enough” mindset to reach the impossible.

Take Time This Week

  • Make a commitment to close everything out for 20 minutes. 
  • Write down three values that you choose to live and lead by in all your actions.
  • Do a motivational activity; podcast, webinar, video – something that pours into you.

When people are pulling from us all the time, we need to take time for ourselves.  Find a compass or something that reminds you of what you stand for during tough times.  It will make all the difference in your world and those you impact.

Having great skillsets as a leader is critical for us to lead.  Lighthouse Resources Group can be a resource for you.  We can bring expertise that will allow you to leverage your values and goals towards excellent results for your team.

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