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Behavioral Assessments – A Beginner’s Guide

Finding great people, keeping them and inspiring them to do great things is a top concern for any business owner.  Many have turned to behavioral assessments to help make hiring, promotional, and development and engagement decisions. If you’re thinking about implementing a behavioral assessment in your organization, there are several you can choose from.  Did I [...]

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Our Leadership Compass

“Values are most important when times are turbulent.” — Stephen Paskoff, CEO Eli Inc.com 2020 has truly dropped us off in an unknown place, leaving us to search for our personal compass.  We have demands coming from every direction as a parent, spouse, co-worker, leader and community contributor.  More than ever, one [...]

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Strategic Development Up Close and Personal

Strategic development, also known as strategic planning, is fundamental to creating and running a business or one’s life.  Simply put, it is a blueprint that outlines specific goals and objectives for pre-determined success.  Business goals and objectives are certainly important, but no more so than the life’s purposes of the founders, executives, and employees [...]

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Facing the Pandemic with a Return to Workplace Plan

It is amazing how quickly six months has changed the way America works. Faced with unprecedented risks under the Covid-19 pandemic, all companies have been faced with orchestrating critical realignments to meet their commitments to both employees and clients. And it is hardly over. Companies must work diligently to manage the next wave of [...]

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