Employee Engagement in a Remote Workplace

June 1, 2021

Written by Pat Bell

Principal | Lighthouse Resource Group

Employee Engagement in a Remote Workplace

Given all the pressures and pivots managers have had to make managing in this new world of work, can you imagine how to also be in touch with the engagement level of your remote employees?  Our one-year anniversary of responding to immediate COVID19 concerns and the rapid remote work team, truly demands that we get back to some of our management basics.

What questions did we ask to make sure our team had their head in the game prior to COVID19?

  • How are you doing this week with your priorities and workload?
  • Are there any challenges I need to help you with to be more effective?
  • When are you planning some time off to get refreshed?

Those questions have a very different context with our large, remote workplace.  How do we ask employees to step away from the laptop/home office they walk past each day after the workday is complete?

There is a delicate balance for employees between work expectations and the unexpected family obligations due to COVID19.  So how does that impact our leadership role today?

Employees have settled into a certain rhythm and desire as much “normalcy” as possible. 

The term “engagement” refers to employees being connected to the purpose of working each day.  More than ever before, we must accept the new challenges of leading in a remote and/or hybrid teamwork environment. 

Quantum Workplace, a giant in the space of  Employee Engagement, offers great research on engagement levels for employees post COVID19.

Research demonstrates that highly engaged employees perform at a higher level.  In a world where we are all still figuring out how to navigate these new times, Lighthouse Resource Group can assist with short- and long-term strategies. 

Some helpful hints to consider when communicating with employees:

  • Prioritize a 1:1 on a weekly basis with your individual team members.  It is important to help employees to feel connected to department goals that go beyond their daily work tasks.
  • Customize your approach with what each employee needs.  Get to know your employees well enough to understand what they value.  What do they appreciate regarding feedback and recognition?  Everyone is not the same and a cookie cutter approach only allows you to reach some of your team.
  • Celebrate and call out small/big wins. Be creative with how you pull everyone together to realize how you are accomplishing goals, even in the challenging times of constant change.

Quantum Workplace states that engagement is more than happiness.  Be the connection for your employees to make the most of our challenging work situations.  We are all learning together.  As leaders, we just need to listen, learn, and lead the way.